Friday, September 6, 2013

Gabby's Birthday Party Part 2

This year, we combined Gabby's friend/family birthday party in to one big pool party.  We rented out our local pool and invited children from Gabby's class, her friends from her Indian Princess tribe and family.  It was great!  We had perfect weather-- better than could be imagined.  We also had a great turn out.  It wasn't crowded but we had enough people to have a really good time.  I kept food at the pool easy since it was 10-12p.  We had "beach balls" aka cheese balls, pool noodles aka Twizzlers, chips and watermelon.  We also had a number of drinks in coolers.  I had Nana make and ice cupcakes at the bakery and then Felipe and I spent one night decorating them.  All ideas were courtesy of Pinterest.

Happy 8th birthday, Gabby! We love you!

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