Friday, March 22, 2013

Accidents Happen

This morning, I dropped off my children just as I do five days each week.  Then, I proceeded on my way to work, just as I do four days each week (I work from home once/week).  Half way to work, I was sitting at a red light, talking to my mom on my cell phone headset when all of a sudden I was jerked forward and heard a loud crash.  That's right ladies and gentlemen!  I was innocently sitting at a light, waiting for my turn to proceed and I had my very first accident.  Of course after I screamed, the phone fell from the passenger seat to the floor and I said (very loudly) "WHAT THE FUCK?!"  Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to pick up the phone, calmly tell my mom that I had to call the police and that I'd call her back.  Apparently, the woman behind me saw that the light was green and assumed that we should all just take off.  Not so.  So, we called the police, moved to the nearest parking lot and the local officer arrived.  Fifteen minutes (and minimal damage later), he sent us on our way each with a copy of the Illinois crash report and her with a ticket.  She was very nice and cooperative (as I would hope for during my very first accident).  I can guarantee that it would have been an uglier situation if either of my children have been in the car.  At 25, I'm too young for my first car accident-- at 1 and 7, they shouldn't even consider being in an accident.

The car looks fine but we'll see what the body shop says.  And, I'm feeling fine-- just shaken.  I took Ibuprofin and used the heating pad first thing this morning just in case.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

As you know, I'm a brand ambassador for Influenster.  Recently, I received the Sweetheart Vox Box-- you can read about it here.  I loved it and 3/4 of the products.  That's not really a fair statement since the one product I didn't love wasn't intended for someone with naturally curly hair.  Back to Secret!

I love the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response!  It smells great and I'm sure you're wondering how it works.  Well, I love it!  I couldn't be happier.  There are three causes of sweat: heat, movement and stress.  Nothing stops sweat and stink like this deodorant!  I received the Serene Citrus one and I smelled beautifully even after Zumba, Jack's 1st Birthday party AND all of the family that came to our house afterwards.  If all of those don't cause sweat and stress, I don't know what will.  And, those all happened within less than 9 hours.  Boom! I may have been stressed but I certainly didn't have to worry about how I smelled since this product is proven 4x more effective than ordinary antiperspirant.  You don't have to take my word on it though.  Last week, I participated in a Twitter party-- just search for #StressSweat and you'll see all the stress sweat moments that were busted.  You can also follow @SecretDeodorant for more information.

My only negative reaction is the price: $7.99-9.99 which is why I've only used a clinical strength deodorant once in the past.  I don't think you should have to pay so much for great products.  However, I will absolutely be paying for this product again in the future.  I love it and it kept me smelling fresh so I could worry about my footwork at Zumba and make sure everyone was enjoying themselves at Jack's birthday.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influentster for testing purposes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Teething Solution

My teething baby is making me crazy.  It's like he needs and exorcism or he's been abducted by aliens.  Jack is normally a very sweet, lovable baby who gives lots of hugs and kisses.  However, for the last week, we've been going through teething hell!  He's cranky, doesn't sleep, gnaws on his fingers non-stop and screams like a banshee! He refuses everything cold-- I've tried chilled teething toys, frozen pancakes, frozen fruit and nothing works.  While he'll take teething tablets, they make him constipated so there's that.  The only solution we've found is the bath tub! Jack loves baths.  See this face?

That was the first time he looked remotely happy on Sunday.  He screamed through Mass, fought his way out of his high chair at lunch and then whined and screamed all afternoon.  If I would have had any idea that he just needed a bath, I would have put him in there first thing in the morning.  Poor little baby has been working on these suckers for two weeks and he still only has 6 teeth (4 on top and two on the bottom).

Thankfully, today was a better day.  He was up and down at daycare today but tonight was good.  He ate 4 tablespoons of apples and spinach, Gerber veggie puffs and 1/3 of my tilapia filet.  I think he'll be alright.

The Influenster Sweetheart VoxBox 2013

I joined Influenster a couple of months ago after reading about it on someone else's blog.  To be honest and horrible, I don't remember whose it was.  I read on Influenster's Facebook page all the people bemoaning about how they never get boxes and everyone else gets picked.  Ironically, many of these posts were full of grammatical errors.  I know that I, for one, wouldn't want someone who can't spell to promote my brand.  Back on topic, I signed up, filled out some surveys, jumped through some hoops, linked up my social media accounts and BAM! I got an email telling me I was one of the chosen few.  Angels were singing and bells were ringing!  Mama likes free stuff.

I anxiously waited while scoping out their Facebook page only to see preview tease pictures of stacks of boxes knowing that one of those boxes was mine!  At last, the big day arrived (a Saturday) and the above box was found sticking out my mailbox.  I ripped that bad boy open!  Sorry, Influenster, no opening the box video for you-- the anticipation was too high.  And here are my thoughts on the contents:

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid: Love it!  I use this every day.  The little scrubber is noisy but I keep it in the shower and scrub my face until it is shine free.  I've noticed a definite difference: pores are smaller, shine is gone, and my face isn't dried out.  I love this product and will most likely buy it when I run out even though I think it was rather overpriced.  

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response: Works great and keeps me smelling fresh.  Somehow, it also survives when I'm stressing during Jack's recent teething nightmare and while I'm sweating like a mad woman during Zumba.  Again, definitely a keeper if the price wasn't so high.  I hate paying so much money for good products but I guess you get what you pay for.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt and Kelp Spray: Not a believer.  I have naturally curly hair and all this did was make the frizz worse.  I've tried it on both dry and wet hair.  On wet hair, it's a complete disaster!  I was a total frizz ball all day.  When I sprayed it on day 2 dry hair, it smelled pretty but did nothing but emphasize the frizz.  I sprayed it on Gabby's braided waves this morning so we'll see how that turns out but I don't think it's worth paying for just to smell like coconut.

Skinny Girl on the Go Bars: I got the blueberry/Greek yogurt bar in my box and it was delicious.  I loved it!  I kept it in my purse until I had a day where I really needed a snack and I enjoyed it in the middle of the afternoon.  It was great and kept me satisfied until dinner.

Overall, I love the Influenster method and will remain a member.  I will continue to fill out surveys and jump through hoops in the hope of more free products.  It's worth it and take very little of my time.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my review and received all products free of charge from Influenster.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Caribou Coffee's $2 Medium Drinks Today Only

Screen shot from my email
This morning, Caribou Coffee was hell bent on getting my attention.  Not only did I receive the above email from them, but I also received a text (right before I passed their store) giving me basically the same message as above: "Hey! We have a cheap new drink. Stop in and try it."  Ok, so their message didn't say exactly that but it was close!  I was already having a great morning so I figured this Mama deserved a little treat.  I rolled up to the drive up and when asked what I would like, I asked them to tell me about their $2 drink special.  I really don't know about the Biscotti Mocha but I was told that the Cafe Milan Latte had hazelnut, cinnamon and honey which sounded delicious and it was!  I'm so glad I stopped and got my medium $2 latte to make my morning even better.  And, bonus: I got their trivia question right and got $0.10 off my order.  No, it's not big, but it only served to make my Monday better.

Disclaimer: I paid for my product and was not compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own.

Friday, March 1, 2013

March Goals

March is a big month at our house.  A very special little boy is celebrating a particularly special birthday this month.  Be still this mama's heart.  Regardless, I have a lot to accomplish in very little time and need to stay focused and organized.  Here are my goals for this month:

1. Healthy mama: Go to the gym at least 3x/week (including Saturday morning Zumba)
2. Mentally sane mama: Blog 5x/week
3. Pull together a fabulous 1st birthday! I still have to confirm the cake with my mother in law, finalize decoration plans, purchase a couple more things for favor bags and do all the cooking of course
4. Read to Gabby's Class
5. Find out just how big my one year old is at his 1 year old check up
6. Celebrate Jack's 2nd Easter (possibly at my house?)

Wish me luck!  Hopefully I manage all of this and more!