Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Teething Solution

My teething baby is making me crazy.  It's like he needs and exorcism or he's been abducted by aliens.  Jack is normally a very sweet, lovable baby who gives lots of hugs and kisses.  However, for the last week, we've been going through teething hell!  He's cranky, doesn't sleep, gnaws on his fingers non-stop and screams like a banshee! He refuses everything cold-- I've tried chilled teething toys, frozen pancakes, frozen fruit and nothing works.  While he'll take teething tablets, they make him constipated so there's that.  The only solution we've found is the bath tub! Jack loves baths.  See this face?

That was the first time he looked remotely happy on Sunday.  He screamed through Mass, fought his way out of his high chair at lunch and then whined and screamed all afternoon.  If I would have had any idea that he just needed a bath, I would have put him in there first thing in the morning.  Poor little baby has been working on these suckers for two weeks and he still only has 6 teeth (4 on top and two on the bottom).

Thankfully, today was a better day.  He was up and down at daycare today but tonight was good.  He ate 4 tablespoons of apples and spinach, Gerber veggie puffs and 1/3 of my tilapia filet.  I think he'll be alright.

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