Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sleep Number's SleepIQ Technology

I was recently invited to visit the Sleep Number store and learn more about their new SleepIQ technology.  With all the fitness trackers and heart rate monitors on the market, it's no surprise that monitoring your sleep is important.  And, why wouldn't you want to know that information?  I couldn't tell you how I sleep.  Unless Jack is awake in the middle of the night (horrible sleeper), I sleep like a rock.  All work and no play make Ellen a dull girl.

I went into the Woodfield store a little timidly and admittedly a little worried.  I am so glad I went though.  I was greeted by Marisel (she's a 35) and she took me right back to a bed in the corner that had screens set up to see where your pressure was when you sleep and how they can alleviate it in real time. It was so cool.  I also learned that when they adjust the air levels in the Sleep Number beds, you don't have to change it when moving from back to side and when set in my optimal number (I'm a 55), my feet are higher than my hips and my back is in perfect alignment.  Chiropractors must hate the SleepNumber store.

Also, while I was in the store, there was a couple in there as well.  They were looking to replace their currently mattress of 16 years!!! That's a long time!  SleepNumber runs a deal that you don't have to buy the whole base and mattress but just the mattress if you're replacing a bed.  They got a good deal and they were more than happy to tell me how much they loved their SleepNumber.  It was fun to shop along side them as a first timer.

Right now, the Sleep Number bed is out of our price range, but when we are back in the market for a new mattress, Sleep Number will be our first and last stop!

Disclaimer: I received free products in exchange for an honest review from Smiley360.  However, all opinions and experiences shared are my own.

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