Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bitchslapped by Life

Today's Score:

Life - 3; Ellen - 0

Let me explain.  Today is Tuesday and I had to deliver both children safely to daycare.  Minor disagreeing aside, we made it out the door at 7:20a prompt and we arrived at daycare on time.  My commute to work then lasted 90 minutes.  I didn't make to work until 9a-- that's 40 minutes late!  Every road was blocked (presuming blowing snow).  I never got close enough to determine what the exact cause was.  Life 1; Ellen 0.

Upon arriving at work and apologizing to my supervisor for the other drivers, bad driving conditions, etc., I decided that I simply could not start my day without a glass of water.  I was damned determined not to let my rough commute ruin my day.  I was halfway to the cafeteria when I heard my supervisor stage whispering my name.  I turned around and she brought it to my attention that my black dress slacks had decided to tear, not once but twice right in the butt and what was I wearing underneath?  Not enough to cover what was showing.  Talk about embarrassed!  So, not 10 minutes in to being on the clock, I punched back out, ran to Target with my shirt pulled way down in the back to search for new pants.  $9 later I was presentable enough to return.  Life 2; Ellen 0.

As if the previous two hours hadn't been enough, Aunt Flo came to town.  While it's better than the alternative.  Seriously?  By 11a, I was seriously regretting not calling in sick.  Life 3; Ellen 0.

Dear Carmona family, don't mess with Mama tonight.

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