Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gabby's 8th Birthday Part 1

My mom likes to take each of her grandchild for a special birthday celebrant only birthday adventure when they turn 8.  The boys were taken to Medieval Times and the girls were taken to the American Girl store.  this year was Gabby's turn and just like the other girls, she made her inaugural trip to Chicago for the American Girl store.  Nanni spent the night the at our house so that we could ride the Metra train in to the city with her.  We got up bright and early to see my honey off to work and then the girls got ready for their big adventure.  Jack was not invited and spent the day with the nanny.

The train ride was spent shopping the American Girl catalog-- a whole hour of pre-shopping before we even got downtown.  Upon arrival, we took a taxi to the store and let Gabby have two whole hours of exploring and admiring the displays.  Then, we had a lunch reservation-- it was a one hour and four course affair.

After lunch, Gabby had two hours to make her final selections-- she had $40 and Nanni and I had both promised her a birthday present.  Needless to say, we boosted the economy with our shopping day.  5 hours later, we sent the picture on the bottom right to Felipe (in part to scare him) and headed back for our train.

I'm so thankful for this wonderful experience and the opportunity to make memories with both Gabby and my mom.  Fantastic day!  Thanks, girls!

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