Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lit-Cube Review


A very good friend of mine subscribes to several book subscription boxes.  Subscription boxes in general are currently a hot item—they’ll send you a curated box of whatever flavor of crap is your favorite.  I vaguely followed her posts about these boxes and sat on the fence for a long time.  
However, Lit-Cube roped me in with their “Supernatural, Idgits!” theme which was a beautiful nod to one of my favorite characters.  Felipe and I recently watched all of the available seasons of Supernatural on Netflix and we’re not so patiently waiting for the current season to be added.  I’ve since done a lot a lot of reading on the actors and their various charities.  I couldn’t resist a box that was sharing the profits with charity and especially not one that included my favorite show.

Following that box, I received 4 more themed boxes: Zombies, Immortal Kiss, Grab Box and You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.  The stuff included in the box was ok.  I didn’t love it nearly as much as the boxes I saw before mine.  And, the books.  Oh the books!  They haven’t been great.  The Supernatural one was bad; the two zombie books weren’t great but better.  The Immortal Kiss book thus far has been my favorite—I even tweeted the author for an update on a sequel.  So far, no word.  So, I unsubscribed.  I couldn’t justify spending that much money ($35) each month for a book I didn’t love and stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily keep very long.  I’m anti-clutter. 

I did love what Lit-Cube was trying to do.  I think that the people that run it are great—there was an issue with the Supernatural box and Peggy did everything she could to make it right for other subscribers even when said subscribers got unnecessarily nasty on Facebook.  They’re making changes in 2016 with a wearable, readable and eatable in every box.  I like that but I think I’ll wait and see what happens before I resubscribe.  

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